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The Continua Work


The Continua Work

Embodied Awakening of the Evolutionary Intelligences of the Earth

The Continua Work is a healing modality that delivers health and empowerment. The Continua Work is offered in the form of treatments, to clients who are seeking healing or empowerment. It is also offered in the form of educational courses, to those working in the healing and transformational arts, who want to learn the modality in order to bring wellness to their individual clients and to the world.

The Continua Work employs elements of bodywork, shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. Treatment of clients involves a gentle yet deep manipulation of tissue and energy and is done in a context of working with sacred ally powers. Practitioners of the Continua Work are trained in how to connect to energetic fields of evolutionary intelligence in order to embody these powers of the Earth for the purpose of healing and empowering clients.

Advanced practitioners of the Continua Work are committed to a path of healing and empowerment—of themselves, of our species, and of the Earth. The path is one that values a compassionate heart, freedom of the mind, and pragmatic results.

We live in a universe that is a vast cosmic ecology, overflowing with incredible intelligence.

And we are the very extensions of these sacred powers, dazzlingly brilliant sparks, living out lives filled with very deep potentials. Potentials for encounter, for joy and compassion, for courage and grace, and for wisdom. Potentials that we realize through living a life in this world.

This world is the cutting edge of an unfolding adventure and this life is an intensely significant participation in that adventure.

In this participation, you are never alone. At the depths of your being, you are suffused with the power and intelligence of sacred ally powers. These allies are gathered together in ancient collectives that emerge out of humanity’s cultural and biological and cosmic evolution. These are the Ally Continua.

The human species, in this critical time, depends on a new depth of relationship with the ally continua. The stakes are high indeed—for each of us personally, and for the larger societies in which we are members. For purposes of accessing a deeper relationship with the ally continua, the Continua Work is offered.

The Continua Work is a way of approaching the experience of being alive in a cosmos that is itself intensely alive. It is a way of relating to our souls, to the people in our daily lives, and to the potencies of the spirit worlds.


  • presents a model for understanding the human psyche

  • offers a map for navigating the larger spiritual ecology in which we exist

  • allows for a reawakening and reclaiming of a sense of the sacred

  • anchors our vocational work in a deeper seat of meaning and brings purpose to what we do

  • cultivates an understanding of the energies that are essential to maintaining a healthy body

  • suggests the elements of soul that energize relationships with loved ones

  • liberates us from exhausted belief systems

  • brings us into relationship with the actual potencies at the heart of spiritual traditions

How soon a psychology of archetypes begins to sound like a mythology of Gods!
— James Hillman

The Continua EmpowermenT Series

The Continua EmpowermenT Series

The Continua Empowerment is a unique adventure into physical well-being and mental freedom. The Empowerment works at the deepest level to awaken your connection to the sacred powers of the Earth. It constitutes the foundational transformation from which all other Continua Work proceeds. You will receive a series of 6 sessions of 90 minutes with Alex. For each session, you receive bodywork involving abdominal massage, subtle spinal manipulation, and energetic work. Each of the sessions involves bodywork that awakens your deep-ancestral birthright connection to the Earth intelligences that sustain your body and psyche. There is a focus on clearing out any old energies from the energetic matrix of the body, as well as a focus on integrating the energies and intelligences of these Allies.

            The Continua Empowerment is a very powerful transformational and initiatory process. The Empowerment employs a Method that involves precision and a careful understanding of different kinds of energies. In addition to the total of 9 hours of bodywork, you will receive a total of 3 hours of instruction in how to integrate the awakened Ally energies. Throughout your Empowerment Series, you will also be given instructions for basic practices, including movement, meditation, attention to your living environment, attention to your living body, and working with the technology of the altar.


• Detoxification of the body
• Reduced anxiety and stress
• Increased ease of movement in the body


• Recognizing and integrating repressed elements of the psyche.
• The ability to at any time tap into your present-moment experience and feel behind that experience that you are supported by nurturing powers innate to your own being.
• Deepening of your nine essential psychological qualities: effortless initiative & dynamic spontaneity, loving ecstasy & compassionate concern, disciplined competence & graceful mastery, generative vitality & enduring will, and presence in-the-moment.


• Clearing out and replenishing energy in the channels and reservoirs of the body.
• Energizing the protective field of the energy body.
• Acquainting yourself with each of the distinct soul-dimensions of your personal psyche.
• Awakening your innate visionary ability.
• Awakening and activating eight terrestrial-power allies.


• Being more grounded in your ordinary present-moment experience.
• Activating the ability of your conscious mind to navigate the nonordinary textures of reality.
• Increasing the internal communication among different parts of the soul.


Abdominal Clearing

This employs abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang) and work with the energetic reservoirs of the body. This allows for the activation of somatic or psycho-spiritual energies that are depleted and to dissipate energies that have become stagnant or overly active, according to one of the most sophisticated medical systems on the planet.

Craniosacral Therapy

This is a very subtle technique involving the manipulation of the skull and the connective tissue around the spine. This technique involves a very deep listening, so that the body's own healing intelligence can come forward to restore the body. It is one of the most powerful techniques for quickly bringing the client into a very deep state of relaxation. In this nonordinary state, very deep tension can be released and a healing at a very deep level of one's being can occur.

Somatic Awakening of the Allies

This is a unique technique that has been developed to bring forward from one's unconscious and somatic depths those innate forms of intelligence that sustain one's physical, psychological, and spiritual power and health. These are the "Continua", the intelligent streams of energy that constitute our being and that come to us as a biological and planetary inheritance. The awakening is subtle and may be experienced as increased energy, clarity, insight, freedom, and confidence. This is just the first step of coming into a stronger relationship with those "relations" that one experiences as a wider intelligence and a deeper reservoir--therefore this work benefits from one's continuing to integrate the work further into one's life, after the session.


This is a good place to start. There are two forms of analysis that Alex does, both forms of "reading": 1) astrological reading, and 2) divination. He can do either or both, although the divination tends to give more specific results. These readings are great for giving you fresh insight into a situation and are good for "re-framing" particularly recurring problems. The readings are personal to your situation, but also provide a good introduction to the way that archetypal processes work in our psychological behaviors and in our spiritual lives. These archetypal readings are like a weather report: they tell you what your personal "climate" is like, what "weather" might be coming your way, and how to surf any "storms" into which you might be heading.

Astrological Reading

This is a standard reading of the birth chart. It tells you what "planetary archetypal influences" left their permanent stamp on you when you were born. The reading emphasizes the geometric relationships between the planets, as well as looks at the placement of the Sun, Moon, and "rising sign" in the chart to determine the foundational strengths and challenges that are at play in your life. In an in-depth reading, "transits" can be read to determine what is particularly in play for you right now, and what might be coming your way. This takes about 30 minutes for the basic reading, or 60 minutes for a more in-depth reading. The advantages of this technique are that it is very empirical and verifiable, and least subject to personal biases of the analyst. Also, astrology is a "common language," so you can always go to other astrologers to build on your astrological knowledge of yourself.


Alex uses a deck of cards and a small altar to do the reading. This looks a lot like a Tarot or I Ching reading, but it comes from a different place. The deck that is used and the interpretive framework are unique to the Continua Work, and come out of the two decades of research that Alex did in transpersonal psychology. While the deck is a personal creation, it is also a map of the fundamental domains of the human psyche and the intelligences that sustain those domains. The reading takes 30 minutes for a basic session, and 60 minutes for a more in-depth session. The advantages of this technique are that specific information can be accessed on virtually any subject, and this technique is more "alive" than more mechanistic forms of divination. Also, the strong interpretive framework keeps the reading from just being a bunch of subjective impressions.



Dr. Alex Brezinski teaching the Continua Work at Mysterium Philippines in Manila in January and February of 2019.

Level 1

Continua Method: Healing

In Level 1 Continua Method Healing, we will cover the basics of using the basic method of the Continua Work to heal clients. We will learn how to connect to and embody elemental forces and animal intelligences in order to heal clients. We learn the basics of using light-touch and sound-toning to clear blocked energy in a client and to bring a client into a state where their innate sacred-Earth intelligences can emerge to help the client heal.

Participants will achieve basic mastery of the following techniques:

Embodiment Technique. With this technique, we reach into the spiritual environment and evolutionary matrix to welcome and bring in different sacred elemental and animal powers, in order to reclaim our vitality and instinctual intelligence.

Energy Clearing Technique. With this technique, we practice using light touch and sound-healing tones to heal clients by clearing blocked energy from the client.

Energy Restoration Technique. With this technique, we learn how to use light touch to work with spinal tissue to bring the client into a state of relaxation, so that the innate intelligences of the client can participate more deeply in any healing processes.

Level 2

Continua Work: Alliance

In Level 2 Continua Work Alliance, we will learn how to use movement practices and basic meditation techniques in order to connect to fields of evolutionary intelligence. We will familiarize ourselves with the basic map describing how these archetypal powers interact and get a feel for how these powers surround and exist within us. Finally, using this map we will practice the basic skills of divination using the Continua Deck.

Participants will achieve basic mastery of the following techniques:

Ally Movement Technique. With this technique, we practice basic patterns of movement in order to awaken and connect to the evolutionary powers of our ancestral past.

Ally Scouting Technique. With this technique, we connect to the evolutionary powers of our ancestral past that sustain and protect our lives, as well as the souls from which our psyches are composed.

Divination Technique. With this technique, we learn how to conduct a divinatory reading using the Continua Deck and how to interpret the results of that reading.

Level 3

Continua Method: Empowerment

The Level 3 Continua Method Empowerment teaches the core technique of the Continua Work: the Ally Awakening. We will learn a composite technique that employs elements of abdominal massage, spinal tissue holds, and sound-toning. This technique allows the practitioner to not only heal, but empower the client. We build on the hands-on skills that we learn in Continua Method Healing Level 1 and the ally-scouting skills that we learn in Continua Work Alliance Level 2, and use these skills in conjunction with very sensitive and precise bodywork techniques in order to activate the energies of the client’s sacred-Earth Allies. Upon completion of Continua Empowerment Level 3, the participant in the course will be able to work with this basic technique to clear out toxic energies and awaken the ancestral birthright powers.

Participants will achieve basic mastery of the following techniques:

Abdominal Clearing Technique. With this technique, we learn the basic hands-on bodywork technique for clearing out energy blocks from the organ-systems of the client.

Spinal Restoration Technique. With this technique, we learn the basic hands-on bodywork technique for working with a client’s spine and head, in order to bring the client into a deep state of relaxation so that the innate intelligences of the client can participate more deeply in any healing processes.

Ally Awakening Technique. With this technique, we activate in the client the sacred Earthly streams of power and intelligence that create and sustain our human lives, so that we can be empowered with vitality, freedom, and instinctual knowing.

Level 4

Continua Work: Connection

The Level 4 Continua Work Connection builds on the the skills and cosmological knowledge of the Alliance Work of Level 2. We will learn how we are situated within the larger domain of subtle ecologies, and how we can connect to ancestors and allies of these ancient energy worlds. We will learn how to organize and maintain an altar and will learn techniques for shamanic navigation. Using these techniques, we will develop an awareness of these ancient energy worlds, the energetic reality of the collective human psyche, and our relationship to these worlds of energy.

Participants will achieve basic mastery of the following techniques:

Altar Organization Technique. With this technique, we will learn a simple way of organizing elements on an altar, how to maintain an altar, and how an altar can be used as a way of connecting to the allies.

Ancestral Ally Connection Technique. We will refine our ability to meditatively attune to the ancestors and allies of the ancient energy worlds of our evolutionary history, as well as our ability to navigate these subtle worlds. In addition, using our abilities to navigate the subtle worlds, we will learn how to make contact with the field of energy that is the collective human psyche.

Level 5

Continua Path: Collective Healing and Empowerment

In the Level 5 Continua Path Collective Healing and Empowerment, we will examine the current crisis in our civilization and how the Continua Work prepares us to adapt to and help resolve this planetary crisis. We will learn how to heal and empower the collective human psyche, using the skills and knowledge of the Level 4 work with the energetic reality of the Allies and human collective psyche.

Participants will achieve basic mastery of the following techniques:

Cultural Healing Technique. With this technique, we will learn how to unite our intentions as a group and focus this intention to bring into the collective human psyche the healing of the sacred-Earth Allies.

Collective Awakening Technique. With this technique, we will empower ourselves with the sacred-Earth energy of the Allies and direct our group intention to awakening within the human species the energy of these Allies, in order to assist with the adaptation of the human species to the current planetary crisis.

In the Continua Work, we are seeking to empower and heal ourselves and the larger human species of which we are part. In a small but important way, we also seek to heal the Earth. In order to do this, we tap into the energies of the Earth. The energies of the Earth are a specific form of the larger energies of the universe, and in the Continua Work, we consider the energies of the Earth to be exceptionally sacred. We call the energies of the Earth the terrestrial energies. However, we are not looking at simply an energetic connection. We are also looking to connect with the intelligence of the Earth. In particular, we are looking in a very precise way at the most advanced forms of intelligence of the Earth. Within the Earth system, we find these in the collective intelligence of species. These collective intelligences can be thought of as nonphysical fields of energy or consciousness. We call these intelligences species-minds. We are also interested in the intelligences of the energetic domains that sustain these species-minds. These domains are reflected in what we often think of as the elements of nature. These domains are sometimes called the “elements” or are called the “subtle ecologies.” In the Continua Work, we refer to them simply as the ecologies.

We can experience the intelligences of species-minds and ecologies in a personal way. When we experience these intelligences in a personal way, we experience them as allies. These allies support us in the empowerment and healing of ourselves, our species, and the Earth. With the help of the energies and the intelligences of our allies we are able to accomplish much more we would accomplish if we were working merely with our own energy and intelligence. In the Continua Work, our healing practice is supported by a set of ideas and by work with energies. However, this is not just an abstract set of ideas, and it is not just energy work. We also work with the body. We work with the body as a primary and indispensable site of healing. The body is the most precious gift from the Earth and our direct gateway to the Earth and from the Earth. The Continua Work works with the body, the energies, and with intelligences. These are our three resources.

The first resource is the body. We work with the body using various bodywork techniques to heal a client. There is an indispensable physical component to the healing bodywork, in which we are in physical contact with the tissue of the client’s body. However, we are also in contact with a form of life-force energy that is within the body. We call this form of energy vitality. We clear out toxicity and we awaken a more empowered vitality, which in turn generates a healthier mind. We call this work envitalization.

The second resource is energy. When this energy is within the body, we think of it as vitality, but when it is out of the body, we think of it as a flowing energy that moves through us. This energy is behind all the work that we do with vitality when we do bodywork. We keep our energy clean and strong, like a clear and powerfully flowing river. We keep our energy clean and strong through our connection to our terrestrial allies. We make this connection through various movement and visualization techniques that are derived from shamanic practices. We connect to our allies in order to nourish our bodies with the energies of our allies. We maintain this connection during healing treatments and in our daily lives. We call this work embodiment.

The third resource is intelligence, specifically the intelligences of the species-minds and the ecologies. In the same way that our personal vitality is a particularly sacred form of the energy flowing through us, so is the energy flowing through us shaped by the species and ecological intelligences out of which we originate. In the same way that we can think of the vitality of the body as an energy, we can also think of intelligences as energy. We think of these intelligences as a form of transpersonal energy. In the Continua Work, we consciously attune to the intelligences of the great ally powers, so that our empowerment and healing work is informed and guided by them. We attune by using visualization practices and a soft intent to open to the intelligences of the allies. When our work is guided by these intelligences, it is much more effective. We call this practice of attunement connection.

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Dr. Alex Brezinski


Dr. Alex Brezinski


Alex’s work is concerned with the figure of the Ally, and his vocation is rooted in these ongoing relationships with the Allies. Alex works with individual clients, somatically awakening their deep-ancestral Allies within their bodies and providing guidance in the form of archetypal analysis. Alex also teaches a unique modality (the Continua Method), a cosmology (the Continua Work), and an ecological approach (the Continua Path).

Alex empowers people. He heals contractions in their psychological and spiritual systems and energetically connects them to the sacred powers of the Earth. Alex also teaches a refined psychological and cosmological system. This spiritual approach unfolds at all levels of the human being—the body, the emotions, the deep psyche, and the higher mind—and connects to the community of the evolutionary intelligences of the Earth. In his work as a thinker and teacher, Alex joins the intellectual rigor of a participatory and integral thinker with the open-mindedness of an innovator and the pragmatism of a practitioner.

Alex has spent 10 years as a scholar of transpersonal psychology and spirituality and is the author of Ecologies of the Soul. He has trained in Taoist medical theory and Taoist inner arts, advanced astrology, divination, and working with shrines in indigenous and Buddhist contexts. He holds a PhD in East-West Psychology and is a Certified Massage Therapist.

Alex spent 10 years moving around the Earth, working as a cultural liaison in those places where governmental and non-governmental agencies were building connections between Asia and the West. He was opened to the spirituality of different lands, learned from spiritual teachers, but also worked directly with the lands, at a deeper level. He would spend two years in a place, walking the same hills or plains, until he made contact with the spiritual powers of that land. And then he formed relationships with those powers.

During his travels, Alex learned Mandarin and Chinese medicine. He learned the Japanese language and the Japanese high-arts. He learned tea and the sword and how to make sacred ceramic objects. In Tibet and the Philippines, he learned how to make contact directly with the spirit-power allies that empower the religious traditions of our world.

After 10 years of this, Alex began to synthesize a theory that could encompass the teachings of different shamanic and mystical traditions. He spent another 5 years working through the scholarship on comparative religions. He wrote books and spoke at conferences. During this time, he prayed with a shrine, and developed a comprehensive set of techniques for invoking the deity powers that he had encountered. He learned how to create talismans of power and discovered the principles of how sacred aesthetics empower spiritual images. He studied advanced astrology and refined a technique for divination. Eventually, he developed an integral theory that could hold the insights of religious, spiritual, and secular worldviews.

After that, Alex spent another 5 years studying the anatomy of the body, both the physical tissue structure and the energetic anatomy. He worked on many thousands of clients in both commercial and ceremonial settings, until he could work effortlessly and precisely. He developed the ability to facilitate within clients an opening and connection to the deepest intelligences and energies of the body, so that they could be healed and empowered. He has worked with people suffering from PTSD, people who were having problems with life transitions, and people with obscure health issues. He healed and he observed, all the while evolving the psychological and spiritual system that was flowing between the spirit worlds and our world.

Public Appearances

Public Appearances

Alex has been delivering lectures and has been interviewed about the Continua Work from 2010 to the present.

Introduction of the Continua Work from Alex Brezinski on Vimeo.

What is the Continua Work? Alex introduces the method.

Humanity's Migration Through Worlds from Alex Brezinski on Vimeo.

Alex and Nick talk about the evolution of human consciousness and worldviews in cultures.

Humanity's Coevolution with Allies from Alex Brezinski on Vimeo.

Alex presents some of the nonphysical entities that have been involved in the formation of human cultures, and how these entities became allies.

Nonphysical Entities and the Collective Human Psyche from Alex Brezinski on Vimeo.

Alex in discussion with Dr. Christopher Bache on the possible influence of nonphysical entities on the human psyche, at the individual and collective levels.



“I have experienced a lot of different healing/transformational modalities, but the Continua Method stood out from all the others. Alex did this unique and unusual process that I had never encountered before that was incredibly effective and opened me up to a whole new level of inner skills, ancient allies, and transformation. Today, I still feel the ancestral powers/allies that he helped me gain access to at work in my body, supporting my digestive system and my new clarity in my life decisions. One of our first sessions when Alex was working on my abdomen, I went into a deep relaxing trance state surprisingly easily. I felt the snake energies he was working with awakening inside of my abdomen, healing and lighting up my entire gut area. Having a history of severe digestive issues, I could feel these new energies helped immensely in reducing the inflammation in my gut. This was noticeable in my physical appearance after the session, with the increased regularity of my bowel movements, and in more general comfort in my whole digestive system. I had no idea these ancient allies even existed, and Alex's work helped me gain access to this entirely new system of support that I now carry within my body. I am deeply grateful.”

Kim Stevens, Certified Holistic Health Coach

“Waking up the morning after completing a series of sessions in the Continuaa work with Alex, I felt myself swimming in the subtle energies of the Allies activated in our work. The feeling in my body and being is one of being open and alive, yet deeply grounded and settled. This work is multidimensional, beginning through deeply healing bodywork focused on the abdominal organs, but opening into profound subtle realms. The Allies invoked in this work are ancient, natural, and surprisingly familiar. Accessing them via the physical body seems to make their presence grounded and well-integrated. Over the course of our 6 sessions, my body came to trust Alex’s hands completely. I felt deeply held in the care of a very potent healer and shaman. I would recommend his work to anyone seeking deep rejuvenation and/or a major health and energy upgrade.”

—Dr. David Nicol, Founder and Director, Gaiafield Project

"At the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants (CERI ), a grassroots community health center, Alex works with the Cambodian survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide. His work is described by our clients as 'healing touch.' Alex works with a sweet smile and a sweet presence. Torture survivors are extremely sensitive to touch: however, their experience with Alex has been safe and soothing. The clients of CERI share such sentiments as 'I have lived with pain in my stomach for more than 40 years--after his massage, the storm was gone,' or 'It felt as if I was on the clouds,' or 'It was unbelievable--like a dream.' We are all in awe of the impact of Alex’s work on CERI’s clients. His healing touch, humility, and respect for these survivors have won their hearts."

—Dr. Mona Afary, Founder and Director, Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants


"Alex is a master of his craft. I was feeling a lot of pain and accumulated stress. I requested a deep tissue energy healing session with Alex and my expectations were surpassed. The level of care and skillful attention that I received allowed for a deep release of energy that was bound up in the substrata of my psycho-spiritual being. On a purely physical level it was among the best massages I have ever had, and I have had hundreds. On an energetic level, I felt held in a container of presence and depth that invited me to safely release and realign with my essence. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough. For those looking for deep release and healing, you would be lucky to find yourself in the hands of this extremely competent soul technician."

—Dr. Samuel Malkemus, Prof. of Clinical Psychology & Founder, Institute of Holistic Transformation

"As a health and fitness professional, I've received a lot of bodywork. Alex is truly offering a whole different level of massage. His techniques are simple and effective, with no frills or gimmicks: just straight to-the-point pain relief and tissue release. His hands are incredibly strong and intuitive, and he was able to help me release a years-long bout of chronic lower back pain that even Yoga was having a hard time releasing. I recommended him to a colleague and now my whole workplace is hooked on him! If you have deeply held tension or knots that just won't quit, I highly recommend trying out Alex!"

—Nick Loffree, Qigong Instructor


"Alex is an expert at his craft. He brings a skill and sensitivity to his work that is both powerful and transformative. I've had a lot of bodywork and Alex is simply the best!."

—Lee Holden, Founder and Director, Holden Qigong & Santa Cruz Chi Center



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